VILLÄHDE WATER INTAKE: Fixing water pH values

In spring 2014, Ferroplan was the main contractor in the renovation of the alkalisation process at the Villähde water treatment facility in Nastola. Ferroplan supplied NWF filters and a NWA aeration system from its NW product range.

he challenges faced by the Villähde water treatment plant included the high concentration of free carbon dioxide in the water, resulting in a low pH. Ferroplan delivered a bespoke NWA aeration system to the plant, enabling the facility to reduce the level of free carbon dioxide and increase the water’s pH.

The NWF filters are effective in purifying water without the need for chemicals. Impurities in water are adsorbed on the surface of the filter’s filtration mass, with the purified water remaining in spaces between the filtration particles. From there, the water is directed to the plant’s detention basin. The impurities remaining on the filtration masses are removed by means of a backwashing method about every other week.

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NWF-suodatin vedensuodatus NWF-filter water filtration
Villähde Natwat-vedenpuhdistamo Natwat water treatment plant
NWF-suodatin vedensuotus vastavirtahuuhtelu NWF-filter, filter backwash scouring