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Smart companies know that waste is money, and they take steps to utilise it. In the field of environmental technology, our selection includes efficient water treatment solutions and systems for recycling, sorting, and processing various waste materials.

Our water treatment systems offer solutions for treating clean and dirty water, including removal of iron and manganese from groundwater. Our clients include both public-sector organisations and private companies.

Our water treatments solutions are not only efficient but also extremely economical to run:

  • Water production: 1,000 m3 per day (the calculation is for a water treatment facility that produces 1,000 m3 of treated water a day)
  • Electricity costs: €0.096/kWh
  • Labour costs: €36.00 per hour


For solid waste, our systems cover processes from recycling and sorting to composting. We deliver efficient processing systems either as components or in a turnkey project, whichever suits you best.

An example of waste distribution for a composting facility that processes 420 tonnes of community waste per day:

A Ferropower plant is an investment in the future

New drinkingwater treatment plant supplied by Ferroplan protects piping from corrosion

Ferroplan Ltd renovated as a turnkey contract a new water treatment plant for the Nivos Ltd in the city of Mäntsälä, Finland during the year of 2016.

Vimelco: Waste to landfill reduced to a third

In 2013, Kymenlaakson Jäte Oy took a determined step towards more environmentally friendly operations in preparation for the ban on disposal of organic waste at landfill sites, entering force in 2016. Ferroplan delivered 14 belt conveyors to Vimelco Oy, which was responsible for the company’s waste-treatment line solution.

Ferroplan’s composting plant in Vietnam – a local tourist attraction

Sorting waste has become second nature to Finnish consumers, but in many developing countries, recycling is just taking its first baby steps. In Vietnam, however, recycling took a major leap forward in 2013 when a composting plant delivered by Ferroplan began operation in the province of Binh Duong, about 50 km from Saigon.

VILLÄHDE WATER INTAKE: Fixing water pH values

In spring 2014, Ferroplan was the main contractor in the renovation of the alkalisation process at the Villähde water treatment facility in Nastola. Ferroplan supplied NWF filters and a NWA aeration system from its NW product range.