Seamless flow of goods at a plywood plant in Punkaharju

Ferroplan and Plytec joined forces to deliver a lay-up line, complete with a conveyor system, for Metsä Wood’s plywood mill in Punkaharju. For this joint project, Plytec supplied the lay-up line, while Ferroplan was responsible for the conveyors. The goal was to design a solution for transferring plywood stacks from the lay-up line to the pre-press and from there to a hot press, and to create a conveyor system that does not require a base pallet for the plywood stack.

  • ‘We worked together to find a solution that is based on an efficient conveyor system and that contributes to a seamless flow of goods,’ explains Tomi Virolainen, Plytec’s technology manager.
A strategically important partner

Ferroplan and Plytec have plenty of experience of working together under their belts. In their joint projects, the companies have been able to focus on their core areas of expertise, enabling them to operate efficiently as relatively small suppliers.

  • ‘Collaboration has been key to success for both companies. Ferroplan is a strategically important partner for us,’ Virolainen emphasises.

Ferroplan and Plytec have also collaborated efficiently on rectifying any problems identified after commissioning. It is not unusual that small technical changes have to be made in complex projects involving challenging circumstances, but the companies have always risen to the occasion and have broadened their expertise in the process.

Eliminating an undesirable work stage

The end client, Metsä Wood, was extremely happy with the result, after some fine-tuning. ‘The mill now has an efficient conveyor system, which enables the smooth transfer of goods.

  • The main benefit to us is that we managed to eliminate one step from the process when base pallets are no longer needed. Our previous conveyor system didn’t allow this. The new system also makes the line safer to operate,’ says Metsä Wood’s Mika Nousiainen.

Plytec and Ferroplan are already collaborating on a new, challenging project, designed for a client based in Latvia. The future looks bright for the collaboration partners!


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