SKS Group: Order picking grew more efficient, and demand for space was nearly halved

Ferroplan supplied a conveyor system for plastic boxes for the component picking line of SKS Group’s plant in Vantaa. The delivery was part of a project to update the storage system for small items, involving an investment in automated warehouse systems delivered by the company Constructor. Ferroplan’s conveyors in combination with the warehouse robots form the new picking and shelving system for small items.

Originally the plant had three lines of shelves from which employees picked the orders, using a lift. The old order picking system had conveyors, but these could not be utilised in the new design, so Ferroplan delivered the entire conveyor system.

‘Except at peak times, a single employee is now able to take care of the order picking. Previously, we often needed three employees for the task. The new system also takes up less room, freeing additional space for other operations,’ explains SKS Group development engineer Olli Kärkkäinen.

As the order picking line works in concert with the warehouse robots, a single employee can work on around 12 orders simultaneously. Now the employee picks the orders, and a conveyor then moves the order on for further processing or for packaging. This choice is made automatically on the basis of the labels affixed to the order boxes.

‘We selected Ferroplan as our partner because we were familiar with the company and we also deliver components for their conveyors. So our collaboration is a two-way street. The project ran to schedule, and Ferroplan was very receptive to all of our wishes. The conveyor system had to be adjusted at the beginning, but this took place without any hitches. Every time we’ve needed help with the system, it has been forthcoming straight away. We are fortunate that this hasn’t happened often,’ says Kärkkäinen.


  • The old order picking system took up 250 m2 of floor area, while the current system (warehouse robots + roller conveyors) requires only 150 m2
  • There are 150–200 order lines delivered per day
  • The number of lines received per day is 40–60
  • In general, the resources required consist of just one employee


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